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Bloodshed Contest: See Your Name in My Next Novel!

The rules are pretty simple. If there is an iconic figure (person, place, or thing) you'd like to see in Bloodshed, please send your idea to And don't be boring. Tell me a little about your choice and why it fascinates you. You must also include your first and last names to qualify.

If your iconic figure is selected, then I will create a fictional character in that Test of Mettle story who happens to share your name.

Contest Rules

Send an email to that includes:
1. an iconic figure (person, place or thing) that intrigues you.
2. why he/she/it intrigues you. Don't be boring. Be descriptive.
3. your first and last name.

Submissions must be received by November 30, 2022.

Tips & Advice

First, I would recommend that you familiarize yourself with the rules governing the Test of Mettle. While your icon might be worthy, it must fit into a Test of Mettle story.

1. The Tests begin at 11:34 at night.
2. Lucifer’s minions have a limited span of time based on their strength and rank in the demon hierarchy.
3. The first Test of Mettle occurred sometime in the 1600s. Be sure your iconic person, place, or thing was around during the past four centuries.
4. Do not suggest storylines. Leave the writing to me. I simply want to know what icon you chose and why.
5. I am not selecting someone’s icon because it is somehow better than someone else’s. I am led by my muse and what inspires creativity. That makes this contest subjective.
6. Everyone who participates and follows the rules is a winner in my eyes. There is a level of courage, creativity, and enthusiasm that inspired you to share your idea.
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