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Since the invocation of an ancient apocalyptic pact four centuries ago, called the Test of Mettle, minions from Hell have targeted random people ranging from simple peasants to iconic celebrity Jack the Ripper. These heinous attacks occur nightly at 11:34.

Are you ready to face your demons?

The great-grandfather of the Executive funded the most significant dig the world had never heard of when his archaeological team stumbled upon the Repository in the outskirts of Cairo. After locating physical evidence of its existence, a galvanized Executive and his team continue their quest after the elusive immortal. Except the Doer, a retired military black-ops badass, finds it first.

Lurking nearby, vigilant as ever, is Lucifer. Though the Doer never failed a single mission designated to him, this new mission—Lucifer personally challenges him to a Test of Mettle—will test his limits like never before. Across the globe, an ancient, maleficent faction of the Vatican, wishing to see the Apocalypse through, surges from obscurity to wipe out the only team in the world with knowledge of its existence.

The fate of the world hangs in the balance.

Anticipated release date: Late September to Early December