Lucifer saved us at the Crucifixion. As God prepared to smite man for killing Jesus, it was Lucifer’s idea that gave God pause. Who better to decide the fate of man than He who walked among them, cared for them, and slain by them? God agreed. After Jesus died that fateful night at 11:34, He descended into Hell, spending three days negotiating a new covenant with Lucifer. We could not abstain from sin, and, for the succeeding one thousand years, Lucifer sent forth his minions to prey on us in a Test of Mettle.

Mankind has been embroiled in scores of Tests. In 1909, Theodore Roosevelt and his son, Kermit, track down and dispatch a pair of demons. On Christmas Eve in 1953, Rolf brings joy to orphaned children but needs a Christmas miracle himself to survive. If we fail to atone for our sin, Jesus will hand humankind over to Lucifer.

A group of mercenaries is on a quest to prevent the Apocalypse. On a mission to salvage a pivotal clue, a sniper assassinates the man they attempted to extricate. One of their field agents is found dead. After the team recovers a box containing the items that only their leader can decipher, he takes a near-fatal bullet. The contents of the box corroborate the legend surrounding the covenant. They learn that the tragic death of one of their own was a red herring. It alters their line of reasoning as they twist pieces of this apocalyptic puzzle together.