I assume you are unaware of the impending Apocalypse, Lucifer’s minions hunting people, or the ticking clock while the world lives in ignorance.

Are you ready to face your demons?

Humanity invoked an ancient apocalyptic pact four centuries ago. Since then, demon attacks, known as the Test of Mettle, occur – always at 11:34 at night – targeting random people ranging from simple peasants to former president Theodore Roosevelt, and they happen all over the world, even in the infamous Amityville House.

The Executive leads a dedicated group on a quest to save humanity by gathering clues. He discovers a mysterious box containing evidence about the Apocalypse, and unknowingly sends his team into an ambush to retrieve it. They lose the owner of the box, one of their prized agents, and nearly the Executive himself. The attack reveals a sinister threat lurking in the shadows, one that wants to see the world end. When they open the strange box, it exposes proof of a heavenly host on Earth – the very same immortal being who invoked the Apocalypse.

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