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Cataclysm Update - January 17, 2021

It's the MLK holiday weekend. Earlier in the week, I experienced a brain fart. During my final week of vacation, I heard or read the word "catalyst" and, from that point forward, my novel began assuming that as its title for a couple days. My closest friends and family would have received text messages from me headed by the incorrect title. After being made aware of the glitch in the Matrix, I got myself back on track by making a few minor corrections. See what happens when you work hard and sleep little?

What's new?

1. Final reading of the professionally edited manuscript with help from my daughter.
2. I submitted the required info to Bespoke Book Covers providing the required pieces-parts for the new book cover, including total published pages (see item 2).
3. I used 2 of my ISBNs for the Amazon eBook and Amazon paperback.
4. The paperback will be 6x9. Based on publication formatting, the finished novel will be around 295 pages long. (The final manuscript draft was 330 pages. After professional editing, the manuscript shrunk to 310 pages.)
5. I am leaning towards Amazon Select. What is this and why would I choose it? First, Amazon Select allows Amazon to market the book in other channels, including Kindle Unlimited (KU). It helps market the novel to readers of up to 2 genres. (I chose Thriller and Horror.) There are a number of other perks, but, I agree to only sell eBooks through Amazon for 90 days. After that, I can continue with Amazon Select or publish through other publishers and vendors to provide greater visibility by publishing to a multitude of other formats, like iPad, Google Play, etc. I can publish other paperbacks and hardcovers as I see fit.
(Not a fan of Amazon Select? Let's chat. Message me through Facebook.)
6. I uploaded my Kindle-formatted manuscript to Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) for both eBook and paperback formats.

Down the Line

1. The work on the book cover starts March 1. The first draft should be completed 7-10 days later.
2. Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs).
3. Research online book tours and podcasts.
4. Goodreads and Amazon author pages.
5. IngramSpark (hardcovers). If I go this route, I suspect the hardcovers will be solely used for marketing giveaways and special purposes.

Cataclysm's Tentative Release Date

Tuesday, May 25, 2021