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Cataclysm Update - January 7, 2021

I suspect updates will occur with a little more frequency going forward. There is so much going on. I apologize if my previous blog kind of sounded like I was all over the place. In a way, I was.

I told my wife that I am considering writing a blog titled, "So, you wanna be an author, huh?" Writing a lengthy novel has enough challenges for a writer, things like editing and proofing just to name a couple. When you are ready to present your work to the world, then a whole new set of challenges come into play.

Book covers. Professional editing and proofing. Having your book read and critiqued. Choosing if you want to publish traditionally or self-publish. Traditional routes require query letters, bios, synopses, pitch letters, marketing what the agent/publisher has published and describing why you are a good fit for them. Want to publish on your own? Then you must tackle the idea of using a publisher's ISBN (usually free) and giving away some of your rights. Or, buying a block of ISBN numbers to use. This will enable you to retain all rights to your work because you are in full control. Bear in mind that you need one ISBN for every single edition and variant of the book that is being published.

Curious what an ISBN is? Click here to learn more.

Let's be honest. It is expensive to publish. Sure, you can cut corners and take the easy way out, but it only hurts the quality of your work and, quite possibly, your book sales. The median return for authors is a mere $6,000. That's is peanuts in this game. For most, it comes down to how passionate they are about authoring novels. I am one of those people.

I learned so much over the past few weeks. I am certain there is still much left to learn along the way. But I am better prepared now that I have a better understanding of the process. My stomach isn't twisting in knots like it was earlier in the week, that's for sure.

What's New?

1. I will be publishing through KDP (Amazon) and Direct2Digital. IngramSpark is under consideration, but that is a topic for another time.

2. I have been communicating with Bespoke Book Covers and have chosen them to design the book cover for Cataclysm. They will begin working on the cover in early March. I am hopeful that the finished cover will be ready by April.

3. If the book cover is not ready until April, then what does that mean for a book release date? Logically, I'm thinking May is looking more likely. (Just in time for my birthday!)

4. I had hoped to get things rolling again with the sequel during my time off of work and maybe even tackle the first novel I wrote and stuffed in a drawer almost 15 years ago, but I think that ship has sailed. I return to work Monday, and I need a day or two to chill out and destress. Isn't that the purpose of vacations?