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11:34 Draws Closer to Publication

Today is a day for celebration. I completed the third major edit/rewrite of Cataclysm. 344 pages. 94,000 words.

Today, I had a meeting with the company in New York, who I paid to professionally critiqued my novel last year. I am am seeking their help and guidance to help find an agent or publisher and to review my query letter. Those damn things have to be rock solid. I had help from a friend familiar with authoring novels and undergoing his own trials with query letter hell. After all said and done, I had thirty revisions to get it just right. After going 0 for 40 sending it to agents last spring, I decided it would not hurt to give it another looksee.

I should know more by Wednesday of next week.

I am following a plan. It's taking a long time to get through it, but patience and determination are key. If this next stage fails to bring me to the doorsteps of traditional publication, then I will e-publish.