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Won Equals One

To aspire is to yearn to climb until a plateau is reached, We take a deep breath and gaze out into the distance. In those surreal moments that follow, we should take a moment to understand what it took to reach that achievement.

To reach our desired goal is a struggle, a good versus evil match in which we need to make the best decisions possible along the way, but we must roll up our sleeves and work our asses off to be successful.

I've been doing just that: working my ass off.

We've all heard that kind of story. Person works a job, has a family, gets an education, does tons of homework/research, work-work-work, and then - voila! - person reaches his/her goal. Victory!

But we know it isn't that simple. Life isn't fair. Life knows that, but it does not care. We must maintain the struggle, keep working, so that we keep winning. Along the way, we want to reach those plateaus where we can take that calming breath to enjoy and appreciate our accomplishments.

I've written a novel, and, for the second time this year, have peddled it out to literary agents. I see the plateau above me. I'm still climbing, still working, confidence never wavering.

I submitted my novel to 6 agents so far. 1 responded. A rejection. My foot slips from its foothold, but I don't fall. I've come too far. I've climbed too high. I'm not a quitter. This will not dissuade me. I reach for another handhold and pull myself up, elevating myself a little higher, a little closer to that plateau. I wonder what the view is like from there. All it takes is one, I remind myself.

Then a homonymic thought strikes me. Causes me to pause. Won equals one. I think about it. All it takes is one agent to say yes, then I've won.

Won equals one.

The thought is fleeting, but it stokes the fire in my belly. Can't stop now. Got to keep climbing. Got to keep working. Got to get stronger. Because, if I reach that plateau, and after I've had a chance to catch my breath and drink in my accomplishment, there will be another mountain and another climb and another challenge awaiting me afterward. The math may change. Won equals two.

I take a moment to chalk up my hands, reach up above me to feel for a crack in the rock, and ascend a little higher.