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Calling All Agents! Be on the Lookout for 11:34!

Over the past week and a half I have submitted my novel to literary agents. It's a particularly confounding experience because the submission process differs for every agent/agency. For the half dozen I submitted today, each one was a snowflake: include a query letter, bio, and first 5 pages; include a pitch letter and first 3 chapters; include a query letter, first 10 pages; include a short bio and why I was the one to write the novel, query letter, and first 10 pages.

Submit everything in the body of an email for this agent, or submit over the web for that agent. Be wary of formatting, spelling, syntax, and grammar - all have to be diamond perfect.

It's enough to gnaw at your guts while giving you the thrill of riding the most notorious of roller coasters without ever leaving your seat.

While waiting 3-8 weeks to hear from them, I will be working on the sequel.

Fingers crossed.