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Author Seeks Agent to Publish Novel

Peddling 11:34

This is it. This is the moment we have been waiting for. This week, I will submit 11:34 for publication to a dozen or more literary agencies,and eagerly await their responses in the upcoming weeks.

This is the second time in a year MJ is attempting publication. After a pair of rejections and heeding sage advice from those who work in the publishing business, I decided to review my novel one more time. The third computer was the charm after 2 computers failed on me during the process, which delayed the project. The book is all shiny from being polished and is ready to adorn your dusty bookshelves.

What if...

The dreaded What if question. What if no one chooses to publish the book? First, we have to work the process. We need to keep searching for someone who will publish it. If an acceptance letter is not received from the first batch of agents I peddle to, then we send it to another dozen or more. To put this into perspective, a friend of mine authored a pair of books. One of his books was accepted on the 8th submission. His other book required over 50. This is all about perseverance. This is the brick-and-mortar side to publication, and this is where the money is. If 11:34 succeeds, we want to begin here before entering the e-publishing avenue.

If the brick-and-mortar route goes stale, then I will e-publish the novel.

How long does it take for agents to respond?

From my experience the first time I peddled my novel, it appeared most publishers requested 3 weeks to 3 months. One downside is that not all of them respond with a rejection letter. Of the 3 submissions the first time around, I received 2 rejection letters. If there is no response after 6-8 weeks, I will peddle the novel to another dozen or more agents. Again, this is about perseverance.

How long is the first 11:34 novel?

It stands at 339 pages, 93,469 words.