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2018 New Year Newsletter


Happy New Year one and all. This will be a year of change, dedication, and discipline. I committed these past few months to these ideas in my everyday life and have come up cherries. No reason to stop now while the table is hot.

11:34 UPDATE

One year ago, I completed 11:34, its query letter, and began to peddle my novel to literary agents. It was also at that time that I broke ground for its sequel. A couple months later, I attempted to enter a James Patterson contest just for a chance to work with a master and fulfill my dream of publishing 11:34. Though the contest did not pan out as I had hoped, the dream was kept alive while I waited to hear back from literary agencies. 200 pages into the sequel and many months later, I received 2 rejection letters. Though I was certainly excited to know someone took the time to look at my work, I knew I had to make some changes. The novel did not flow well into the sequel. I took time to read the ending and did not find it as cunning as I had first thought. Over the past 2 months, I worked on making improvements. I am pleased to announce that the first novel and its edited query letter are ready to peddle once more!

11:34, BOOK 2

As mentioned, the novel is over 200 pages in length putting the project at 2/3 done. In the days ahead, I will commence research and the writing of a new short story featuring an infamous figure from London's past: Jack the Ripper. As with all iconic figures, particular attention to detail is warranted, especially when looking to add those little-known nuggets of fact to sprinkle into the story. The Test of Mettle story involving Theodore Roosevelt took 3 weeks to research - hundreds of pages were read and many pages of notes were taken. anticipate the research for this story to be similar. The Ripper story will take place around 1888. WIth a demon prowling after the Ripper and the Ripper prowling after a potential victim, the stakes grow more dangerous by the minute. Who will prevail?