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2017 New Year Newsletter


Happy New Year one and all. 2017 promises to be an exciting year. To kick things off on the right foot, this is a feel-good newsletter because 11:34 is being peddled to literary agents across the country. Query letters have been submitted and now we patiently wait to hear back from them.

11:34 UPDATE

The process of searching for a literary agent willing to publish 11:34 has begun. I’ve created my very own database of agents and have begun the process of getting my novel noticed. The query letter used to pitch agents has been perfected after 25 versions and 4 complete rewrites. Special thanks to Keith Cronin for all of his invaluable assistance.

11:34, BOOK 2

The sequel to 11:34 is coming along very nicely though there is obviously plenty left to do. Over 100 pages (33,000 words) have been written. A new character is introduced that could change the fortune of mankind in the quest to put an end to the Apocalypse and the inevitable breakdown of civilization as we know it. Enter the Doer, a retired special forces killer whose name is synonymous with his military achievements. Hell responds in kind. Man versus the highest level demon Hell has to offer – Lucifer himself. At 11:34, a quiet, little town braces itself when these two alpha bad asses enter. When it’s all over, only one leaves alive.

A title for the sequel is forthcoming. My mind is already swimming with ideas for an equally epic cinematic book trailer.