As promised, there will be a cinematic book trailer for 11:34. Production of the cinematic trailer completed on Sunday, October 2.

The first trailer was decent, but this one blows the first one away. So, when will I release it? The answer: stay tuned.


I've revised my query letter over 20 times. I think I finally nailed it. I think. This is how authors receive bald spots - from pulling their hair out. You've probably heard me say this, but it bears repeating: it is easier to write a 300-page novel than a 1-page query letter.

::::: SEQUEL TO 11:34

I've finally settled into a groove and have been researching and writing the second book in the series. It's about a third complete. The sequel has been loads of fun to write. I'm introducing a new character, who will make his presence known in this novel and future novels. Also, I'm taking the back story of the first book to the next level. Something sinister is afoot and The Executive, CEO of the secret organization involved with ending the impending Apocalypse, is finding the task of saving the world from Lucifer and stopping the bad guys a little overwhelming.


In Florida, we call people who flock down to the warmer climes of Florida "snowbirds." They usually consist of retirees who have a summer home up north - New York, New Jersey, even as far north as Quebec - and a winter home somewhere in Florida.

In mid-July, my wife, kids, and I moved to Wisconsin. This is not something commonly heard of if one were gauging the reactions of the our newly informed neighbors. The furrowed eyebrows eased when they were informed we originated in Chicago. Given the rarity of southerners moving to the snowbelt, I coined the term "sunbirds" for folks like us.


Missed it by that much. Moving 1,507 miles was partly the reason. Relocating to an area square in the middle of family was the other part. Once moved, it was non-stop with family for weeks. Having lived in Florida for over 20 years, well, I guess we were missed. The newsletter, and writing in general, was placed on the back burner.