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November 2015 Newsletter

First, I am writing this while sipping my second great cup of coffee, listening to Paul Oakenfold cranked as loud as my 5.1 surround sound speakers and sub-woofer will allow. My wonderful, wonderful wife gave me an empty house, free of distractions, to write.

It's been awhile so here's a quick update, because there has been so much going on.

I am working to complete all edits this weekend, come hell or high water. The first manuscript will be a COMPLETED MANUSCRIPT by Monday.

If time permits, I will complete the first draft of my QUERY LETTER. I've written, reviewed, and revised this freaking thing a few times already and hate writing it as much as I hate editing it. Frustration hardly comes close to describing how I feel about the notorious query letter. It is as important as the manuscript itself, but proportionately greater given the magnitude of importance and its job to sell the manuscript to the chosen editor. Once it is completed and I don't feel like jumping off a cliff to a rocky and watery grave (not that there are any here in Florida), I will submit it to the first brick and mortar publisher on my list.

It's that close, folks.

Over the upcoming weeks, I will be working on the query letter, its submission, and the sequel to 11:34. There are many new stories to write. Between now and Christmas, I'll use this time for research. Then, during the Christmas break, I'll write, write, write until I complete as much of the 2nd book as I am able.

On the fun side, how about a 2nd book trailer? I am in the early stages of creating a 2nd book trailer for 11:34. This will involve casting and, possibly, early filming to to gauge and develop the project. Keep your eyes open for another update regarding this exciting project!