Giving mankind one more opportunity at redemption, the Lord gave us his greatest - and final - gift. When man crucified Jesus, He was prepared to smite man. Lucifer stepped in to offer an alternative solution. The Lord handed the fate of mankind to His son. Jesus spent 3 days in Hell negotiating The Contract with Lucifer. Man was awarded one more chance.

Man remained sin-free for 1,600 years, until a group of bishops happened upon The Repository, an immortal being that can morph into any physical structure anytime, anywhere, for as long as it wishes. The hall of the Repository provided ample warning about what would happen should man cross the Great Seal in the Repository. Unable to resist, the senior bishop crossed the seal - the Final Sin.

The Final Sin kicked off The Test of Mettle, the most demanding test ever issued by Heaven or Hell. The rules, spelled out in The Contract, enable any minion sent by Lucifer to test man providing he is mentally and physically capable. The Test of Mettle begins at the time of Jesus's death - 11:34 pm - as a reminder of the Final Sin.

At 11:34, Lucifer sends forth his minions to test us physically, mentally, and spiritually. We must face our demon. Lose, and forfeit your soul to Lucifer. Each Test of Mettle is recorded and stored in The Repository. For over 400 years The Repository has recorded and stored each test, each a story of triumph or failure.

In 600 years Jesus will hand mankind to Lucifer. Hell on earth - The Apocalypse - will become a reality unless we find redemption. Though no progress has been made in the past 400 years, a small secret organization called 11:34 seeks the answers to save us from annihilation.